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Green Building

Innovative "Green Building" techniques offer constantly changing options for today's energy conscious home buyer.  Eco friendly, innovative features including touchpad controls for heat, blinds, sound, and security; EV (electric vehicle) charging stations, Nest thermostat, (https://nest.com/thermostat/life-with-nest-thermostat/) three zone furnace, blown-in wall insulation, tankless instant gas water heater, fluorescent lighting, and rain gardens are just a few of the energy efficient and eco-friendly options available in today's modern new homes. 


While Oregon code compliance ensures every home we build meets stringent standards for energy consumption, insulation and heat loss Energy Star and Earth Advantage have become two leading standards within the home building industry.

For more information visit their websites:

Energy Star

Earth Advantage

Contractor Profile

Beginning in 1995, Alan DeHarpport has successfully navigated the highs and lows of the Portland area residential real estate market as a developer, builder, and broker.  Solstice Custom Homes is poised to continuing the successful custom home building trend starting in 2011 by providing personal attention to customers to ensure each finished home exceeds expectations.  Starting with the plan and specifications, multiple meetings are held to ask questions and provide feedback for all changes desired. A final specifications list is established prior to construction.  Additional changes can be made using change orders during construction. 

Alan DeHarpport's has a long history in the home building industry.  His father was also a builder who developed and built over 1,200 homes in Washington County, Oregon from 1960 - 1990.  Alan grew up working summer jobs for various subcontractors including construction site clean up, concrete foundations, landscaping, and surveying.  Some of Alan's previous projects in Washington County include Woodcreek Estates (26 lots), Thompson Knoll (18 lots), Cedar Crossing (22 lots), Parker Woods (26 lots), Sunrise Heights (21 lots), Sunrise at Cooper Mountain (60 lots), Stewart Heights (22 lots), Greensward Park (26 lots), Redstone (54 lots), and Spruce Woods (28 lots).  Alan's expertise and relationships with local jurisdictions fosters prompt government approvals and permits.  He oversees all aspects of the process including planning, engineering, construction, permitting, inspections, surveying, environmental compliance, and consultant management. Alan also holds an active real estate license in Oregon and is the managing principal broker at Roundstone properties, LLC.